Japan banned the import of expensive cars to Russia

The same sanctions were previously introduced by the European Union, but there the bar was set at EUR 50,000, or 4.8 million rubles. The Japanese restriction, which will come into effect on April 5, 2022, applies not only to cars more than 6 million yen, but also to car kits more than 2 million yen, or 1.4 million rubles (engine and chassis).

As in the case of the EU ban, it is not specified what kind of price we are talking about – the ex-works selling price, declared at customs or the cost at the dealer.

As a result, not only Lexus and Infiniti models are banned, but also top trim levels, for example. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (there is an SUV in Russia, according to the official price list, up to 6 129 000 rubles). The ban also applies to some models Toyota land- cruiser 300, Alphard And hiace

Thus, only Chinese brands remain among the premium brands in Russia. Exeed (owned by the Chery group), Haval and Geely with the Tugella model, as well as the South Korean Genesis. Their lineup includes crossovers and sedans.

Source: Z R


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