Arrested singer Charlotte was seriously injured in front of the courthouse 13:27

Singer Eduard Charlotte suffered a serious sprain when he stumbled while getting off the paddy wagon in front of the courthouse. In this respect reports Telegram channel Mash.

“The rapper stumbled while getting out of the private truck. The singer had with him many things and supplies from the pre-trial detention center. In case they are sent home,” the publication says.

It was stated that an ambulance was called for the singer. Doctors wanted to take him for an x-ray, but the court decided that the artist’s life was not in danger, so the meeting would be held. Charlotte was given painkillers. The singer managed to reach the hospital only at night. According to doctors, the artist had a sprained connective tissue, he was given a splint and then sent back to the pre-trial detention center.

Before reportedA fifth criminal case was opened against Charlotte. According to media reports, a lawsuit was filed against the singer under Part 2 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under “Humiliation of human dignity based on nationality with threats of violence using the Internet.” This may be due to Charlotte’s broadcast allegedly threatening Russian-speaking viewers. The post has now been deleted.

While she was abroad in 2023, Charlotte posted several provocative videos online; one of them shows him burning his Russian passport. In November 2023, the singer returned to the country and was detained. He later repented for his actions.

happened before knownWhy is it impossible to sell the car of detained Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov?

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Source: Gazeta


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