It became clear why drivers with allergies are dangerous on the roads 17:57

Drivers with allergies can cause dangerous situations on the roads during flare-ups. Allergist, immunologist, pediatrician Svetlana Selivanova told about this.

“Allergies can manifest themselves in severe conjunctivitis. Then the driver’s eyes begin to water, itch and swell. This is often accompanied by copious mucus discharge from the nose, sneezing and paroxysmal cough. The expert noted that if symptoms requiring a high level of concentration appear while driving, such a journey becomes risky for the driver and other road users.

The doctor said that a dangerous situation may arise on the road, for example, if a driver has a severe cough while performing some kind of maneuver. Selivanova added that allergy attacks negatively affect a person’s reaction speed and thinking activity. The driver feels sluggish and unfocused, compromising his safety.

“You need to prepare for takeoff in advance to avoid dangerous situations. You should take antihistamines and use medicated eye drops an hour before your trip. It is also beneficial to apply a barrier spray to the nasal mucosa and wear sunglasses. Before the season starts in the vehicle, you need to turn on the air conditioning and clean the filter. “Also, you should never open the windows during the journey,” the doctor concluded.

Russians who have previously failed the traffic police exam saidWhat is their problem?

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Source: Gazeta


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