Russians told how to choose the right second-hand Volvo XC60 17:23

Sergey Zinoviev, automotive expert of the magazine “Behind the Wheel” saidHow to choose the right used Volvo XC60 car for 2 million rubles.

So, according to him, for 2 million rubles there will be a car 8-10 years old with a mileage of 150 thousand kilometers. Mostly diesel versions of the model were sold in the Russian Federation. The main offer is the proven D5 2.4 engine (181, 190, 220 hp) with a minimum of weak points. There is also a diesel 2.0 (150, 190 hp). Of course, all power units require proven fuel and good oil.

Automatics – Aisin TF-80SC or more modern Aisin TG-81SC. To make them last longer, many buyers install additional cooling systems and reduce the oil change interval to 30 thousand kilometers.

The bodies are resistant to corrosion. The biggest disadvantage is that spare parts are very expensive.

It happened before that knownThat the Chinese company Geely has introduced an all-wheel drive modification of the Atlas crossover in Russia.

Geely Atlas received the sixth generation automatically connected all-wheel drive system. In addition to the four standard driving modes (Comfort, Eco, Sport, Intelligent), two more have been added: Offroad mode for light off-road driving and Snow mode for winter driving.

Previously Volkswagen published image of an entry-level car.

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Source: Gazeta


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