It has become clear what changes will occur after the name of the traffic police is changed to traffic police 17:28

As a result of the renaming of the traffic police to the State Traffic Inspectorate (GAI), the ministry will have to carry out a major rebranding of both ministries to work with citizens and official vehicles. Sergei Radko, lawyer of the social movement of drivers “Freedom of Choice”, told

“If a structure such as the traffic police no longer exists legally, then rebranding will be required. This means that all emblems on employees’ uniforms will need to be changed, as well as the names on cars, license plates, certificates and protocols. Otherwise they will no longer correspond to the correct name of the structure. Perhaps a transition period will be introduced that will replace all ribbons, forms, inscriptions and other things, because it is impossible to update everything quickly,” the expert said.

Radko also reminded that not all uniform types have the words “Personnel Police”, so there is no need to completely change the stripes and uniform. The lawyer also believes that the decision to reinstate the old name was made for convenience.

“Still, traffic police is a difficult and unusual name to pronounce. This structure has always been called the traffic police, and they have gotten used to this name. That is why even after the traffic police appeared, many people continued to call the department in the same way. In this context, it was decided to return to the usual, understandable name,” Radko concluded.

Russians before in the name They are criminals, that’s why they fail their driving test at the traffic police.

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Source: Gazeta


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