A neighbor advises to change the oil in the spring – why? The expert explained everything

Usually, car manufacturers recommend changing the engine oil once a year or after 15,000 km. The specific time of year is not specified in the instructions.

But some service experts recommend doing this in the spring, when the warming starts.

So the time of year matters?

Expert opinion

Alexey Reviniexpert “Behind the wheel”:

– If the car drives less than 10 thousand km per year, it makes sense to change the oil in the spring! The fact is that the oil loses its properties very intensively in winter. Fluctuations in oil temperature can reach 120 degrees. In winter, the car makes more frequent short journeys. The oil is saturated with fuel while the car is running with a cold engine.

Wear during cold starts is much higher than in summer and therefore the oil filter clogs faster. That’s why we change the oil in the spring and in the summer we drive to the fullest, without fear of fast rides in the heat. After all, the engine is maximally protected against wear.

If the car is driven 10,000 km or more per year, it makes sense to change the oil in both spring and autumn to save the engine. It is desirable that the car is operated no more than 7.5 thousand km on one oil. And in such conditions it makes sense to “play” with the viscosity of the oil for the season. In this case, you can top up with a more viscous oil before summer, which will reduce engine wear and reduce oil wastage. And in winter it is better to use oils of lower viscosity to facilitate cold starts and quickly provide lubrication to rubbing parts.

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