The State Duma wants recycling collection to be increased annually. Many cars will disappear from the market Autoexpert Moseev: After increasing the recycling fee, some cars will disappear from the Russian market 05/17/2024, 17:34

State Duma Industrial Committee offered Increase the recycling fee for shipping annually from 2024 to 2030. A corresponding proposal was sent to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. Already in 2024, the recycling fee for cars with engines from 1 to 2 liters is proposed to be increased from the current 300 thousand rubles to 556 thousand rubles.

Recycling fee for cars of this category by 2030 according to the initiative of the relevant State Duma committee

It is proposed to double this to 1.17 million rubles.

It is proposed to increase the recycling fee for electric cars by 4 times the current figure.

Why are they proposing to increase the recycling fee?

Increasing the recycling fee is constantly advocated by AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov. According to him, Chinese cars primarily threaten Lada Vesta.

“I can say that many Chinese brands, having carried out aggressive expansion in the Russian market, are beginning to “break” the recycling collection bar and enter traditional markets – focus groups where the products of our models are produced.” – stated HE.

Oleg Moseev, founder of the Automarketer project, believes that a sharp increase in the recycling fee this year may lead to the exit of a number of models of Chinese automakers from the Russian market.

“If they decide to increase the recycling fee for motor cars to 2 litres, then

We will lose some of the cars on the market.

“For example, Changan Alsvin will go, there will be a big question mark about the Omoda models and the entire Avtotor series, which are not yet covered by the disposal fee due to insufficient localization,” he said.

He was skeptical that the recycling fee would be increased sharply in 2024.

I can not decide

A new head has appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation; Denis Manturov, who left the post of First Deputy, was replaced by the former governor of the Kaliningrad region, Anton Alikhanov, who understands the automotive industry. Prime Minister Moseev is sure. The expert believes that the Avtotor plant is also located in the Kaliningrad region and this will help the new minister make a more informed decision.

“After all, Avtotor is one of the largest taxpayers in the region. I think there will be an indexation of the recycling fee this year, but not so sharp,” Moseev concluded.

To’s question about its support for the initiative of the State Duma Industrial Committee and its negative and positive aspects, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that no decision has been made on this issue yet.

“At the moment we are only talking about the fact that the relevant committee of the State Duma has made such a proposal.

“It has been evaluated, but no decision has been made at this time,” he said.

– the ministry’s press service told

Buyer will pay for everything

According to Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem magazine, if the recycling fee is increased, the prices of not only imported cars but also Russian branded products will increase.

“Any automobile factory must first pay scrap tax and then this tax is refunded in the form of industrial subsidies. This has been freezing money for some time, and borrowed money is now expensive,” Kadakov explained in an interview with, explaining the reason for the increase in car prices.

He predicts that the more the recycling fee for imported cars increases, the more prices will increase, or even more.

Theoretically, Chinese manufacturers and sellers have the ability to absorb some of this increase. Until the beginning of this year, they were making very good money from us.

However, they are already investing some of these earnings in marketing tools, and the ability of dealers and representatives to shoulder this burden is limited,” he said.

– said Kadakov.

According to him, if the 4-6 major Chinese automobile manufacturers in the Haval format, which have their own facilities in our country, come to the Russian market more seriously, they can squeeze the Russian brands.

“If the Chinese actively come with production, it is possible that they will crush our original producers,” Kadakov warned.

During his visit to China, President Vladimir Putin expressed interest in establishing the production of Chinese cars in Russia. “Our regions’ initiatives have been comprehensively developed and determined by industry. “For example, the Kaluga region is determined to develop cooperation in the automotive sector,” he said. stated President.

A blow to the Russian automobile market

Anton Shaparin, Deputy Chairman of the National Automobile Association, believes that a sharp and consistent increase in the recycling fee will have an extremely negative impact on the entire Russian automobile market: new cars, used cars, as well as spare parts and car repair services. , it will become more expensive.

“This is a punitive blow to the Russian automobile market. The first blow comes to the Chinese auto industry and all Russian manufacturers whose localization is inferior to that of AvtoVAZ. The second blow falls on all other segments.

“AvtoVAZ will see a decrease in competition and will immediately increase prices”

— Shaparin told

The secondary market will immediately react to the increase in prices for new cars, and citizens will be forced to continue using their cars without being able to replace them.

“People are repairing their cars, the demand for spare parts and vehicle service is increasing, but the supply is not increasing. What happens next? Prices for vehicle maintenance services are increasing, taxis and carpooling are becoming more expensive,” Shaparin concluded.

What are you thinking?

If the recycling tax in Russia begins to be indexed annually, as the lawmakers want, then some cars will become inaccessible to mass buyers in Russia, and some of the currently available models will disappear from the market. According to experts interviewed by, companies that have just started assembling cars in our country will also be under attack. It is said that AvtoVAZ will begin to twist the arm of the Russians by increasing prices without competition.

Source: Gazeta


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