An Australian woman found a poisonous snake in her car, gave it a name and started driving it to work 12:46

In Australia, a poisonous snake got into a car and settled in it. In this respect reports

It is stated that the snake is a red-bellied black viper. When the owner left the door open, he got into the car. Professional hunters tried to catch the reptile four times but failed each time.

A woman goes to work and wears protective overalls and gloves to avoid being bitten by a snake. She named the snake Fluffy.

Another expert volunteered to help the woman. She suggested removing the seats and dashboard. He said that catching snakes would then become easier.

Before reportedIt is stated that many drivers in Russia, feeling tired, resort to consuming energy drinks to cheer up, but water, coffee and tea are much safer and more effective in this regard.

Dark chocolate also helps revitalize due to its caffeine content, as well as fruits containing glucose and fructose. Simple carbohydrates quickly enter the brain and provide a short-term feeling of alertness. The best option for drowsiness is to let yourself sleep for 10-15 minutes and not fight with yourself.

Russians before saidAt what age should you give up your car?

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Source: Gazeta


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