St. The Lixiang driver who opened fire in St. Petersburg was fined 100 in six months for traffic violations 18:45

St. The driver of a black Lixiang SUV who shot a man several times near the City Mall in St. Petersburg has received 100 fines for traffic violations in the past six months. In this respect reports Telegram channel Mash on Moika.

“The shooter, who hid near the City Mall after the shootout, received 100 fines worth more than 50 thousand rubles in the last six months for traffic violations,” the publication says.

According to the channel, the driver regularly violated traffic rules, including driving over prohibitory signs and speeding. Most of them are paid. Last April, the driver was given 25 fines. Police are now looking for the man.

Before this network seen St. Video showing how the driver of a black Li Auto shot a man in the parking lot of the City Mall shopping center in St. Petersburg. It was noted that the video was shot by the victim’s friend. During the confrontation, a driver tried to stop a man driving a black Li Auto, but the man did not get out of the car and nearly ran over his opponent. At one point, the driver of the SUV got out and opened fire. He shot four times at a man who was trying to block his passage.

A conflict broke out in the parking lot because drivers could not pass each other.

It was previously reported to the Ministry of Emergencies. will reward Dagestanis for saving people from a drowning bus.

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Source: Gazeta


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