Russians shown six signs that a car’s starter motor is faulty 11:56

To prevent sudden failure of the vehicle starter, it is necessary to regularly diagnose the starter system and also pay attention to the symptoms that precede the failure. In this respect reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, referring to the technical instructor of the international network of car service centers Fit Service Sergei Ponomarev.

“Perhaps the most common situation is a long start. When you turn the key to start mode, characteristic clicks are heard, but the engine starts only after several attempts,” said the expert.

In addition, the malfunction of the starter motor may be indicated by its uneven or slow rotation when starting the engine.

Strong vibrations or rattles when the engine is started may also indicate a problem with the starter motor.

Also, if you hear the sound of the starter motor turning, but the power unit does not rotate, this problem is possible due to the rotation of the bendix.

Two more signs of starter motor failure are a metallic crackle when the engine turns at the very start and the smell of burnt wires when trying to start the engine.

Before that Vadim Strelbitsky statedAfter changing the oil, an unpleasant knocking noise may appear in the engine.

The first reason is filling the engine with too little or too much oil. This may cause abnormal noise in the engine. The second reason is a dirty oil pump filter. This can cause restricted oil flow, reduced oil pressure and engine knocking.

The third reason is that a knocking noise may indicate that the engine and filters need time to reach the final lubrication point after an oil change, but this is usually not long, just a few minutes.

happened before knownIs it possible to fill oil under the brand of chain stores?

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Source: Gazeta


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