You can breathe new life into a “dead” battery with a screwdriver – a life hack note

Empty battery? It doesn’t matter, cheerful people from Garage-54 explain, you can still start such a car. They took a battery from an electric screwdriver, screwed wires on it, and set about breathing new life into the “dead” battery.

The car battery delivered 11.6 volts without load, under load the voltage dropped to 5 volts. We connected the “battery” of the screwdriver, waited a few minutes – the car battery was powered and it started up.

From user comments:

RussianL Systems “If your battery is dead, buy a new one, or take care of the electricity anyway.”

pleasure “You only need to have a charged battery from a wrench with you, that costs more than a car battery).”

Arsen 888 “If I have to leave urgently, I start with a welding machine.”

Video: YouTube

Source: Z R


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