New cameras look for stolen cars

And these smart cameras will not be stationary. They are installed on municipal vehicles that drive through the streets and yards.

The Traffic Management Center (TsODD) has announced a tender for the rental of 55 smart video systems connected to an intelligent neural network. They are planned to be installed on official TsODD vehicles and municipal vehicles. The cost of the lease is 70 million rubles.

All information from the cameras (numbers of cars and faces of passers-by within a five-meter radius) is sent to an automated system for photo and video recording of violations of the Moscow intelligent transport system, Kommersant writes. Today, this is especially true as an increase in theft is expected due to a shortage of auto parts – stolen cars are used for spare parts.

Cameras will also monitor the correct placement of signs and signs, as well as highlighting damage to road infrastructure.

Source: Z R


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