Here are three surefire signs to help you navigate around a “burnt out” gas station 13:11

Vibrations and loss of engine power after refueling the car at a gas station may indicate poor quality fuel. Vadim Strelbitsky, director of the mechanical repair department of Avilon Kia, told

“If, after refueling at the gas station, the engine starts to work unstably, there are vibrations at idle and various difficulties in starting, this may indicate that low-quality fuel was used. “The emergence of extraneous sounds (knocking, rubbing) that were not there before when the engine is started should also be included in this category of signs,” said the interlocutor.

The second sign indicating inadequate fuel quality is a decrease in engine power detected during operation after refueling. The car’s acceleration slows down.

If the car owner is faced with problems in the combustion system, it is worth considering the quality of the spilled fuel. We are talking about frequent blockages or malfunctions in the intake system, injectors or spark plugs.

Russians before saidWhy might the engine knock after changing the oil?

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Source: Gazeta


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