The cars whose prices dropped the most in Russia have been announced 19:07

Among 11 car models in Russia in March, the cost of 27 equipment levels changed – 17 became cheaper, 10 more expensive. In this respect reports National Agency for Industrial Information (NAPI), which analyzes suggested retail prices for new passenger cars.

Among the models whose price decreased were Chery Tiggo 7 Pro (decrease 6.3%), Tiggo 7 Pro Max (-3.1% or -3.4% depending on configuration), Tiggo 8 Pro Max (-6.5%). The price of various modifications of Moskvich 3 has dropped significantly (down to -28.7%). “Moskvich 6” also fell in price by 15.7-18.7%.

The list also includes different versions of the BAIC X35 (from -0.4% to -0.8%) and Hongqi HS5 (from -7.2% to -8%).

More expensive models include various trim levels such as the BAIC U5 Plus (+1.6-1.7%) and BAIC X35 (+2.3%). The price tag of Geely Okavango (up to +15%), Kaiyi E5 (+14%) and Kaiyi X3 (+14.2-15.5%) has also increased.

Before reportedThat AvtoVAZ may increase prices for its cars at the end of spring. The last time the company did this was in November 2023.

It was previously known that Mitsubishi. denied We started with the idea of ​​turning Pajero into a crossover.

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Source: Gazeta


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