Vehicles interfering with garbage trucks in the Moscow region will be taken away without traffic police 17:22

In the Moscow region, tow trucks began to move cars that interfere with garbage collection or snow removal. In this respect reports Portal “Behind the Wheel”. In this case, cars are sent to the confiscated parking lot without the traffic police.

“Recently in the Moscow region they started talking about the problem of improper storage of vehicles, which hinders the operation of garbage trucks and the removal of garbage. In the message, the authorities of the Moscow region found a solution; “In addition to a fine of 1,500 rubles for violation of stopping and parking rules, cars will be evacuated and land plots will be confiscated.”

It is stated that in early February this year, the authorities of the Moscow region received the authority to fine and tow cars for improper parking without the participation of the traffic police.

For passenger cars, the cost of towing a car to a private parking lot in the Moscow region in 2024 will be 6.1 thousand rubles, for trucks – 31.2 thousand rubles.

It happened before that knownThat the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation approved methodological recommendations for calculating prices for paid parking. The document emphasizes that when calculating the starting fee, it is recommended to take into account the average income per capita in a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, as well as sociological data on the willingness of citizens to pay for the use of parking. The Ministry of Transport proposes to increase parking fees if parking spaces are 85% or more occupied.

In addition, the cost of towing vehicles parked against traffic rules has increased in Moscow since October 15.

Thus, the evacuation of a passenger car with an engine power of up to 80 hp is ensured. With. Its price increased by 24.8% from 4.74 thousand to 5.92 thousand rubles. The cost of towing a car with a power of 80-250 hp. With. its price increased from 7.54 thousand to 9.45 thousand rubles (+25.3%).

Previously reportedStarting from February 22, 31 street sections entered paid street parking in Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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