AVTOVAZ began to collect “anti-crisis” Niva – what do they contain?

Another AVTOVAZ conveyor returns to car assembly – after the production of Lada Granta, life is restored on the “wire”, where Niva Legend and Niva Travel SUVs are assembled. Recall that according to the previously announced plan, AVTOVAZ will overcome the crisis by launching special configurations that will not contain scarce foreign components.

The first such model was the anti-crisis Grant, the next should be only Niva Legend and Niva Travel. According to Avtograd News, a test batch (previously only units were produced) of such simplified SUVs was assembled at a factory in Togliatti on July 22. The batch is divided exactly in half – 13 cars of each model.

The cars do not have ABS and ERA-GLONASS systems, seat belts from a domestic manufacturer were installed, and Niva Travel got a steering wheel without an airbag (the so-called “Prior”) – the same as in the simplified Granta Classic ’22, the source writes. The Niva Legend didn’t have a front airbag anyway (there was just a side airbag, which was needed to activate the now-absent ERA-GLONASS system), so the steering wheel remained the same.

Information about the timing of the resumption of serial assembly of SUVs of the Niva family was confirmed in the publication “Behind the Wheel” in the AVTOVAZ press service.

We have already told you when you can expect which model. Legend – July, travel – August,” said Sergey Ilyinsky, head of the press service.

  • And we’ve already managed to test the Anti-Crisis Grant.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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