Fuel at gas stations will rise in price due to Yandex

In June, Yandex will increase the gas station fee for using Yandex.Gas Stations. This, in turn, could force retailers to increase fuel costs by 1.5-2%, said Yury Fedorov, First Vice-Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy.

The official has already sent a corresponding request to the head of the FAS Maxim Shaskolsky, as well as to the Minister of Energy Nikolai Shulginov, asking them to express their opinion.

The Federation Council learned of the next rate increase from the owners of gas stations themselves. This is not the first profession. Yandex made an effort to raise the cost of tariffs in November 2021, and the fuel business announced that they would have to raise prices in this case. Now Yandex wants to raise rates again from 2.39% to 3.59% of fuel payments.

“We announced this change last November, but at the request of a number of partners, we have postponed its entry into force until the spring of this year due to the difficult situation in the fuel market. The increased transaction costs due to the growth of the public of the service no longer allow to postpone the reconciliation of the commission,” Izvestia is quoted as citing a message from Yandex.

Source: Z R


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