Anti-crisis guys have a big plus

In Europe and the US, two-thirds of people care about environmental issues and the carbon footprint that cars leave. It is therefore not surprising that there is continuous research into the impact of machines on the environment. And often the results are somewhat unexpected.

For example, it turned out that anti-crisis Ladas, in special equipment, are much less harmful to the environment than cars with the most modern engines and electric vehicles.

Much depends of course on the average annual mileage, but the production of cars itself has a much greater influence.

The production of an average passenger car like the VW Golf emits 6.8 tons of CO2, according to a study.2, and an electric vehicle like the Polestar 2, 26 tons. No subsequent surgery will compensate for this pollution, the researchers emphasize. For this amount of CO. to produce2 anti-crisis Lada Grant will need 10-15 years.

“It can be assumed that some cars cause more damage due to less efficient engines, but the data in this report disprove this theory. New modern cars, including electric ones, may seem better for the planet, but the problem is the environmental impact of their production,” says Footman James CEO David Bond

Source: Z R


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