Russians were told which cars traffic cops stop most 17:38

Vehicles with “nice” license plates, tinted windows and obvious signs of malfunction are increasingly attracting the attention of traffic police inspectors regarding inspections. Deputy Chairman of the National Automobile Association Anton Shaparin told about this.

“Most inspectors understand that cars with ‘nice’ license plates are driven by people who like to show off; most look at the color tone and sudden maneuvers, regardless of the make and model of the car. Old, dilapidated cars also attract intense attention from inspectors,” Shaparin told In his interview with.

For an inspector, a stopped rusty VAZ-2104 station wagon means several protocols at once, since drivers of such cars practically do not insure them under compulsory motor liability insurance, they may have problems with headlights, faulty brakes and steering, he gave an example .

At the same time, the interest of traffic police inspectors in tuned cars gradually decreased as owners became more familiar with the requirements of the technical regulations “On the safety of wheeled vehicles” and understood what equipment can be installed on the vehicle. Shaparin concluded that the car and what it could not be.

It was previously known which car body parts are most often Damaged in the accident.

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Source: Gazeta


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