Why China has reduced car imports to Russia?

Despite the shortage of cars on the Russian market, their imports from China have fallen sharply in the past three months. This is due to low purchasing power and problems with logistics, which are, however, being solved systematically. For example, the very first car bridge between Russia and China was recently opened.

In March, car imports from China to our country reached $190.7 million, but more than halved to $84.6 million in April and fell to $32 million in May. As a result, in three months there was a drop almost 6 times.

Imports of components and spare parts also fell, but not so significantly, Kommersant writes: from $117.1 million to $81.3 million, due to their purchases by Russian car manufacturers – AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ and UAZ.

Since cars and auto parts are scarce not only in Russia, but also in all other countries, China has acquired a huge sales market, with which it operates evenly as the demand grows and falls.

Source: Z R


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