Aurus announces two more new models

Documents for two new models appeared in the Rospatent database aurus These are sedan modifications. Senatealready included in the series.

The published images show that the first model is a convertible, similar to the cars participating in the Victory Parades in Red Square. The second car is a station wagon without doors for the second row of seats. Presumably this is a hearse.

The convertible received the EMP-412314 index, and the Russian Ministry of Defense was its customer. The doors and rear fenders of convertibles are made of carbon fiber. The length of the cars is 5.63 meters. That is, convertibles do not differ in size from sedans. Senate Three such convertibles have been taking part in the Victory Parades since 2019. There is information that two more convertibles were produced for private individuals.

The universal hearse was called Lafet. The wheelbase is half a meter longer than that of the sedan (3.8 meters instead of 3.3).

Aurus announces two more new models

Aurus announces two more new models

Aurus announces two more new models

Presumably, these two new versions, like the sedan, will be equipped with the same mild-hybrid powertrain with almost 600 hp, four-wheel drive and a 9-speed automatic.

Images: Rospatent

Source: Z R


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