Russia officially allows gray imports

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a draft resolution abolishing responsibility for parallel imports. That is, a document that officially allows the importation of goods into Russia without the permission of the copyright holders, a source told Izvestia. This document is now being elaborated by the sectoral ministries.

To date, for the delivery of products to the country without the consent of the owner of the brand, there is an obligation to pay him a fee of up to 5 million rubles, while the goods must be destroyed.

The department clarified that the cancellation of liability will not affect imports of all products, but only those “necessary to saturate the consumer market”.

That is, work is underway on a certain list of goods that are allowed for gray imports. Obviously, spare parts and components for cars will fall into it.

How such goods from other countries will enter the Russian market is an open question. Probably there will be special companies – “pads” that buy branded goods in the countries where they are and resell to companies in our market.

Intermediaries are already appearing for the purchase of European goods, RIA Novosti economists have learned. Only you first need to understand whether the official seller really left Russia or simply “suspended work”. This will become clear in May.

The FAS stressed that the standards and requirements for safety, quality and licensing for such products will continue to apply. After all, there is a risk that the number of counterfeit goods will increase, as the brand cannot check whether the original products actually come on the market.

Recall that the issue of allowing parallel imports has been raised more than once. In 2015, dealers requested importation into the Russian Federation without the consent of the owner of the auto parts. This could reduce repair costs, as in some countries copyright holders drive up the price of goods significantly, while in others the same goods can be bought more cheaply. However, no decision was made at that time.

The Russian business community believes that legalizing parallel imports into Russia under economic sanctions is a positive decision, both for consumers and for business as a whole. But here it is important to follow the rule – we are talking only about the importation of original goods that cannot be purchased due to logistical problems and the departure of Western brands.

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