New eight-valve Grants: what “jokes” can we expect while using it?

In 2021, a modernized VAZ-11182 engine with a lightweight crank and gas distribution mechanism began to be installed on the Grant. Bezvtykov (the pistons do not meet the valves when the timing belt breaks), the VAZ eight-valve came back in 2018, when it carried the VAZ-11186 index. Is there anything that differentiates these two options in everyday use? This question was answered by the expert “Behind the wheel” Vadim Kryuchkovy In short, then…

Dynamics and consumption

In terms of appetite, the two engines are very close: in conjunction with the gearbox, which has a main pair of 3.9, both engines consume 5.6 l/100 km on the highway, says Vadim Kryuchkov in a large overview of the operational characteristics of different versions of Grants.

But the engines differ in elasticity: on a Grant with a VAZ-11182 it is more convenient to start, there are no jerks when driving at low speeds. Recall that the new eight-valve has 90 horsepower. and 143 Nm against 87 hp and 140 Nm for the VAZ-11186 engine.


For the VAZ-11182 they promise a resource of 200 thousand km. But how it will actually pan out, taking into account lightweight valves, thin crank journals and camshaft cams, only time will tell. In the meantime, keep in mind that the predecessor, the very plug-in VAZ-11186 with lightweight pistons, has a resource of 200-220 thousand km, but with gentle operation and timely maintenance, you can drive even more.

Valve clearance adjustment

AVTOVAZ marketers have repeatedly reported that valve clearance adjustment for this engine is not necessary every 30,000 km, as before, but once every 90,000 km. At the same time, forgetting to mention that the operation, albeit rare, has become expensive, because it involves removing the camshaft.

Another thing is that this “problem” eventually becomes a plus: since the engine is disassembled, you can (and should!) replace the timing belt, pump, pressure roller with automatic tensioner and the belt of the units – fully in accordance with the new TO- 6 regulations. They do everything at once, without the risk of the timing belt breaking – mismatches over timing overhaul timing are now a thing of the past.

Even more technical details about the new Grants engine – follow this link

  • But the new eight-valve is just the tip of the iceberg: Grant has been in production for a long time, there were a lot of modifications, so we remind you everything you need to know about engines, gearboxes and suspensions.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

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