Armored SUV test filmed

The world around them is so dangerous for some people that they have to drive heavily armored vehicles that look like regular cars. For example, they are made by INKAS, which announced yesterday that the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has received the VPAM VR7 certificate. This means that the car can withstand an explosion with a capacity of 15 kg of TNT.

VPAM is a German designed ballistic protection standard for vehicles, and VR7 means the vehicle can withstand 7.62 and 5.56 shots.

But the Land Cruiser 300 withstood much more – in total there were more than 780 bullets of various calibers in its armor. And the car also withstood six grenade explosions at the roof level, four under the body … Nothing could enter the cabin and harm the passengers.

The tests shown in the video are really impressive. To make a car bulletproof, you don’t just need armor and special goggles. You need a special fuel tank, powerful brakes and strong suspension to match the massive mass of the armored car, a spacious and protected battery and of course an escape hatch – you can see it on the roof.

Photo, video: INKAS

Source: Z R


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