Will parallel import of spare parts save us? Opinion of our readers

The Government of the Russian Federation implements a parallel import scheme – this is when a product is imported into Russia without the consent of the copyright holder from the territory of a third country. One of the areas that raises the most questions is the import of parts for cars. And in particular – the provision of services and stores with spare parts and consumables.

The Za Rulem website, the oldest and most authoritative publication in Russia, in its official Viber channel, asked its subscribers whether they think the parallel import mechanism, related to the import of spare parts for foreign cars, is a good enough idea. And here are the answers we got.

Compiled from Viber Driving Survey data.

Nearly half (48% or 876 people) of the 1794 respondents don’t see any point in this story, as they have been using analogs instead of branded parts for a long time. Another fairly large group of motorists – 26% or 472 people – think the measure will only partially work, but there will still be some kind of shortage. And another 10% (180 people) who answered the question do not yet know what parallel import is.

Only 6% (122 people) recognize the parallel import scheme as a completely normal anti-crisis option. The remaining two groups of respondents (4% and 3%, respectively) believe that the system needs a long debugging or won’t work at all before it works.

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  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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