Why Michelin tires are suddenly rating restaurants

The story of how Michelin suddenly became a gastronomic expert is closely intertwined with the history of the tire brand. The company has started rating restaurants so drivers know where to stop for a tasty snack.

The fact is that at the beginning of the auto industry, cars were not reliable, like their tires, which were glued to the wheels, and it took a lot of time to repair. Later, when Michelin developed beaded tires, people could travel much further.

André Michelin, the eldest of two brothers, is today considered the pioneer of indirect marketing – it was he who conceived the Michelin guide that still exists today.

André’s goal was to promote the automotive lifestyle. This includes the sponsorship of races and partnerships with aviation, and the promotion of the national road numbering system, as well as the creation of maps and the Michelin Guide, which was first published in 1900.

The first Michelin guides contain information on everything that may be useful to motorists: addresses of repair shops, petrol stations and, of course, restaurants. But gastronomy “went” best of all – the desire to taste certain dishes caused motorists to travel around the country.

Wealthier Parisians began to travel to the provinces and dine at restaurants in even the most remote regions, when the Michelin Guide promised it would be delicious.

That is, the Michelin reference book and its famous stars are part of automotive history.

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