Greetings from Wuhan: Nissan returned to Russia via China under the Oting brand Nissan Terra SUVs under the Oting brand went on sale in Russia 11.28.2023, 19:17

The Oting Paladin SUV will go on sale in the Russian market at the beginning of next year; Its distribution in Russia is carried out by the Chinese industrial holding Sinomach, known in its homeland for the production of agricultural and road construction equipment. heavy engineering products.

The Paladin SUV is produced at the Zhengzhou Nissan joint venture in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The Japanese automaker, which left Russia, is a partner with Dongfeng, the owner of this factory. It produces Nissan vehicles for the Chinese market, including Altima sedans, Qashqai crossovers, X-Trail and Pathfinder pickups. Dongfeng also makes its own models based on Japanese cars.

In China, the Oting Paladin is known as the Nissan Terra.

The distributor is initially in Moscow and St. It will open 15 dealership centers in St. Petersburg, followed by car dealerships in other regions of Russia. The Oting Paladin SUV has slight “cosmetic” differences from the Nissan Terra in terms of body and interior design, but does not differ in technical specifications. The role of the supporting structure in the car is performed by the frame, under the hood is a licensed Mitsubishi gasoline turbo engine with a factory index of 4K31.

The engine displacement is two liters (228 hp; 360 Nm), it is equipped with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

In the basic version costing 3.8 million rubles, the car is offered only with rear axle drive (2WD), in the other two trim levels (for 4.3 million rubles and 4.5 million rubles) part-time all-wheel drive with reduction gear is available. and seven off-road driving modes.

Four-wheel drive vehicles have three locks: the Eaton thru-axle and the two inter-wheel locks.

Options include adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring and automatic obstacle braking. The vehicle in older trim levels is equipped with omnidirectional cameras.

Competitors and new models

Paladin, which is very close to the Tank 500 in terms of length and wheelbase, is 57 mm longer than the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and 42 mm longer than the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Tank 500 has an advantage over its rival; The all-wheel drive system uses an electromagnetic coupling for permanent four-wheel drive (46/54 ratio), while the Paladin can only drive the rear axle on asphalt. In terms of price, the Paladin is closer to the more compact Tank 300, offered in Russia for 3.6-4.2 million rubles.

Sales of the Paladin SUV will begin in early 2024. Following this, Sinomach plans to introduce three more new models to the Russian market. A pickup truck is planned to enter the market in the third quarter of 2024, a full-size SUV is planned to enter the market towards the end of the year, and a “motorized” pickup truck, according to the company itself, is planned to enter the market in 2025. by new energy sources.”

Obviously we are talking about a hybrid version.

The plan for the next three years is to increase Oting’s sales to 10 thousand vehicles per year, after which the company is ready to start localizing production in Russia.

Ambitions are too high

Independent automotive industry consultant Sergei Burgazliev believes that the Paladin’s price seems too high for a new brand in Russia, which is consistent with the excitement in the market, but in the future newcomers will have to curb their appetites.

“It would be nice if the cost of a pickup truck was in the range of 3.2-3.5 million rubles

— Slightly cheaper than GWM Poer, which is already sold in Russia,” says Burgazliev in an interview with

According to him, the success of a new Chinese brand with a Japanese product in our country will largely depend on whether the distributor manages to interact with sellers “on the ground”.

“The brand is unknown, but it has a chance in our market. The most important thing for him at this stage is not to fail in relations with dealers. It is necessary to organize the catalog numbers of spare parts, translate the documents into Russian, organize the supply of spare parts, teach dealers how to use the software,” Burgazliev noted.

He predicts that if the company acquires at least 50 dealers, 3.5-4 thousand cars can be sold annually. The interlocutor explained that large unit assembly in Russia can be created with small investments, but small unit assembly is insignificant in cases where sales are below 30 thousand cars per year.

Request is doubtful

Igor Morzharetto, partner of the analytical agency Avtostat, points out that in current conditions an unknown brand is not an obstacle to a successful entry into the Russian market, but frame SUVs have a limited audience in our country.

“There will not be much demand for such cars because prices are high and few consumers need a frame SUV.

And it’s okay if it has an unknown brand. A year ago, no one knew about the Omoda brand, but now it is among the top five best-selling brands,” said Morzharetto.

He is skeptical about the prospects for Oting’s local production in Russia.

“Car assembly in Russia is now fundamentally unprofitable, especially for cars of this type. They just don’t have the same circulation. “We can talk about this when there are around 100 thousand automobile sales per year,” Morzharetto concluded.

A new brand called Oting has entered the Russian market. The company will sell SUVs and pickups produced in China by a joint venture between Sinomach and Nissan. The first model of the new brand is the Paladin SUV in the basic configuration for 3.8 million rubles. A pickup truck, a crossover and a hybrid will follow. Details are in the article.

Source: Gazeta


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