Russians named traffic violations for which traffic cops will not punish 16:56

Naturally, traffic police officers practically do not fine drivers for dirty license plates and failure to use turn signals. Deputy Chairman of the National Automobile Association Anton Shaparin told about this.

“If the vehicle’s license plate number is illegible, inspectors often give the driver the opportunity to erase the plate on the spot and release it without issuing a report. Of course, this does not apply to cases where it is obvious that the room has been carefully covered with dirt,” Shaparin said.

Moreover, the expert added that traffic police inspectors almost never give fines for not turning on direction indicators, although their failure to use them when maneuvering is a violation of the Traffic Rules.

“There is a penalty for this, but there is no regulation regarding this article. “This is as rare as meeting a dinosaur,” Shaparin concluded.

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Source: Gazeta


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