Traffic police will raid taxi drivers and ride-sharing drivers in Moscow 11:15

In Moscow, traffic police officers will conduct an enhanced preventive raid to prevent crimes when using ride-sharing cars and taxis. The raid will take place between November 22-28. announced Metropolitan State Traffic Inspectorate.

According to the traffic police, from November 13 to 19, 178 accidents occurred on Moscow roads, in which six deaths were recorded and 193 people were injured. The victims included 18 children with injuries of varying severity. The most common types of traffic accidents were pedestrian and vehicle collisions (83 and 62 cases, respectively). In 14.4% of collisions with pedestrians, accidents occurred in the area of ​​pedestrian crossings

The most accident-prone day last week was Wednesday, with 36 accidents recorded that day. The fewest number of traffic accidents occurred on Sunday, eight.

According to the calculation of the traffic police, during the week traffic inspectors stopped 467 cases of driving by drivers showing signs of intoxication.

Previously traffic police announced A technical inspection station in the Moscow region was raided.

Source: Gazeta


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