AvtoVAZ asked for a postponement in the payment of the recycling fee 08:54

Russian automobile manufacturers have proposed postponing the payment of recycling fees for cars produced in 2024 until the end of the year. In this respect report “Vedomosti”.

AvtoVAZ president Maxim Sokolov said the postponement would help automakers solve the problem of working capital in the face of expensive loans. In 2024, the company will have to pay about 20 billion rubles only in loan interest, and this money “will not be used for investments and other production programs.” This proposal was supported by KamAZ and GAZ.

Previously, automakers paid scrap taxes every three months, but this year the payment was postponed to December. AvtoVAZ will have to pay recycling fees in 2023 for the fourth quarter of 2022 and the first and third quarters of 2023.

The recycling fee has been indexed in the Russian Federation since August 1, for passenger cars the rate increased by an average of 1.7-3.7 times (depending on engine size). Russian automakers with a special investment agreement (SPIC) with a high level of product localization are entitled to industrial subsidies; in industry these are often considered compensation for waste collection.

Drivers before explained the reason for the sudden increase in recycling collection.

Source: Gazeta


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