MADI inspectors hold ‘No child parking’ campaign

The summer holidays are just around the corner, the holiday season, the best time to travel with the whole family. At the same time, this is a time of heightened attention to children and responsibility for their lives and health.

Sabina TsvetkovaAdvisor to the head of the Moscow Ministry of Transport:

Thanks to such actions, parents are becoming more responsible and endangering their children less and less by leaving them unattended in the car: not a single case has been registered this year. It is important to understand that such an act can lead to irreversible consequences. And no matter how old the child is, three or ten, he should not be alone in the car.

An incorrectly parked car often causes an accident and in the sun a child in a car can get sunstroke. Even a few minutes can be deadly, so the Moscow transport complex, together with the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation, is calling on drivers not to risk the lives of children and take care of them.

“I ask parents to be extra careful when driving and not to forget the safety measures on the roads and in cars, to use child seats and seat belts. Slow down near playgrounds and camps, parks and recreation areas. Never leave small passengers alone in the car – this is a huge risk to your child’s health.– said Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation.

You can get a key ring on June 1st next to the Central Children’s Store (Teatralny pr., 5, Building 1), as well as from any MADI inspector.

  • Now the Moscow Ministry of Transport is taking a series of measures that will keep taxi and rental services in Moscow as affordable as before.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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