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Should I buy spare parts for the future and where can I find them now?


The maintenance of the car has not only become more expensive, but also more difficult. Where to get spare parts and consumables now – Kirill Mileshkin reflects on this topic in the June issue of Za Rulem magazine. The most difficult will now be for those who are used to ordering and installing parts and assemblies from official dealers.

Buy yourself? We often hear that almost all spare parts are scarce, even unofficial ones. What’s the deal?

Informal gas stations and parts stores still offer almost the same range, says the Za Rulem expert. For two months of rushed demand, Russian motorists have not been able to run out of stocks of components on the shelves and warehouses. The excitement quickly stopped – once prices rose.

Should I buy spare parts today for future use?

Absolutely not – after all, the price increase has already stopped. Another thing is that you will have to come to terms with the fact that delivery times have increased noticeably for some items. And sometimes they are completely unpredictable…

However, there is another option – not a miracle cure, but with the right approach it will work. It’s worth spending time looking for the right part through popular specialist marketplaces. You can always pay too much!

Comparison of prices in major online car aggregators and a detailed overview of the situation with spare parts – in the June issue of the magazine “Behind the Wheel”. Now available!

  • Against the background of scarcity, theft of spare parts from parked cars is becoming more common. We remember Grandpa’s (and not only) ways to resist this!
  • In our online shop, prices for technical literature, repair manuals and other books and magazines from Za Rulem publishers have been reduced.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

The note is based on Kirill Mileshkin’s article “Where are the spare parts?”.

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