Motorists told which of them is the worst driver

The survey was conducted in March 2022 among 12,400 Europeans on behalf of Vinci Autoroutes, which operates French highways.

It was conducted by Ipsos, which surveyed at least 1,000 people in each of the 11 countries about their own driving and that of their fellow drivers at home and abroad.

The research was based on and often confirmed national stereotypes. Yes, 42% Poland said driving is “every man for himself” (compared to 7% Spaniards), while a quarter British believe that a pedestrian, sitting behind the wheel, becomes a completely different person.

Total 16% Italian drivers said their Italian colleagues were polite, while 14% French drivers believe that their fellow citizens behind the wheel experience constant stress. British believe that 68% of their fellow drivers are calm and polite behind the wheel.

Germansfamous for their super fast highways, believe that only 30% of drivers in other countries are aggressive.

Greek drivers proved to be the most critical of all, but admitted that they broke the rules themselves more often than others. About half of them reported swearing, signaling, overtaking where prohibited, or jumping out of the car to ‘handle’ another driver. They are also more likely than others to push the “annoying” car to the side of the road.

Greece also topped the list of drivers using their mobile devices while driving, with 77% admitting to using a phone and 83% using a smartphone while driving. Spain is at the bottom of this table, with 62% of them using smartphones while driving.

Meanwhile, only 20% of Greeks could say something positive about drivers from other countries, while Great Britain again at the top of the list in terms of positive perception of peers in the stream – 50% responded positively to them.

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