The Council of Ministers made a regulation on the ban on the export of petroleum products 17:46

The Council of Ministers made a regulation on the ban on the export of petroleum products 17:46

The Russian government has made a number of adjustments to the document banning the export of petroleum products. In this respect reports TASS, the document is published on the website of the official publication of legal proceedings.

The Council of Ministers canceled the exception to the ban on the export of oil products to South Ossetia and Abkhazia. At the same time, the export ban does not include fuels exported under intergovernmental agreements, including supplies to the EAEU countries, as well as transit, supplies to military units of the Russian Federation outside the country, transportation of individuals for personal use. , etc. It is allowed to transport petroleum products between the EAEU by sea without stopping at a foreign port.

The decision also allowed the transportation of petroleum products accepted by Russian Railways and Transneft until September 21, while marine fuel, gas oils and middle distillates were also removed from the ban.

Restrictions on fuel exports from Russia Russian government introduced last week. The decision was taken to stabilize fuel prices in the domestic market.

happened before knownWhich countries will be affected by Russia’s restrictions on fuel exports?

Source: Gazeta


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