AVTOVAZ suppliers go back to work

The factories of the United Automotive Technologies group of companies will return to work on May 30, the OAT press service reported. Recovery from work after downtime will be partial. We are talking about three plants of the group in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region – Avtosvet, Dimitrovgrad Auto-Aggregate Plant (DAAZ) and Dimitrovgrad Powder Metallurgy Plant (DZPM).

DAAZ, one of the largest suppliers of AvtoVAZ, has postponed the holiday, like the car giant itself, from summer to April. However, since May 23, the company has declared a downtime. Note that after the May holidays (and the business holidays added in between) AVTOVAZ was unable to start at all and is still inactive.

Dimitrovgrad Automotive Plant, Copper Soldering Line

Dimitrovgrad Automotive Plant, Copper Soldering Line

At DAAZ, each division works according to its own schedule, depending on the load. Some units will operate for three days, others for four days, and some will remain inactive,” TASS quoted the company as saying.

It is specified that Avtosvet will also work part-time and the DZPM team will return to work on June 1. Recall that all three factories supply products directly to AVTOVAZ conveyors. The new president of the auto giant promised that the company would resume car assembly in early June.

  • Despite all the difficulties, a batch of cars from the renewed Vesta family has recently been sent to dealers.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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