Honda introduced a powerful compact crossover ZR-V

At the end of May, the new global SUV GAC Honda Zhizai (ZR-V) debuted in China, which threatens to compete with the Mazda CX-5. The exterior of the car was shown before, but the interior was presented for the first time.

Generally, this car is positioned as a crossover for the youth of a new generation, that is, for very young people who have just been given their rights.

The arrival of this model will further cement the already strong GAC Honda off-road camp. New dimensions: length – 4568 mm, width – 1840 mm, height – 1621 mm, wheelbase – 2655 mm. In the European model line, the Honda ZR-V will sit between the HR-V and CR-V.

Honda introduced a powerful compact crossover ZR-V

While the ZR-V would be similar in style to the all-new US version of the HR-V, there is nevertheless a difference between the GAC Honda and the US version of the HR-V. For example, double five-spoke two-tone wheels and two tailpipes that look sportier than the hidden exhaust of the American HR-V.

Honda introduced a powerful compact crossover ZR-V

GAC Honda, with its focus on the domestic market, has made the right adjustments, more in line with the preferences of young Chinese consumers.

There is no word on engines yet, but according to insider information, a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine in combination with a CVT will be placed under the hood. This engine develops 180 hp. and a torque of 240 Nm. This makes the ZR-V one of the most powerful compact SUVs on the Chinese market.

Honda introduced a powerful compact crossover ZR-V

Currently, GAC Honda is only accepting pre-orders for the car, and the official start of sales of new items will be at the end of this year. In addition to GAC, Honda also cooperates with Dongfeng in China. There is information that Dongfeng Honda may be releasing a similar version of the ZR-V under a different name, with some visual differences.

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