Russians can buy “Moskvich” without any problems

Recall that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is currently negotiating with two Chinese car companies interested in opening production in Russia – in a former factory Renault in Moscow. It can be assumed that some preliminary agreements have already been reached, or that the possibilities of future partners fully meet the requirements of the Russian side. This is according to the statement of Presidential Assistant Igor Levitin.

He assured that new cars to be produced at the plant under the Moskvich brand will be offered to customers at an affordable price, writes. That is, most Russians will be able to afford them.

In addition, the official said the country “has all the necessary infrastructure and specialists” for the production of its own cars. Perhaps we are talking about a compact model of KAMAZ Kama-1 – an enterprise from Naberezhnye Chelny will cooperate with a new Russian factory.

Recall that the start of production of cars under the Moskvich brand is expected this year.

Source: Z R


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