JAC has decided to announce the prices for its models

Company JAC at the end of February this year, like some other brands, it removed the recommended retail prices from its corporate website in Russia. Three months later, the current price tags for the entire JAC model range in Russia became known. The new price list was published by the Chinese Automobiles portal.

Currently, the Chinese brand offers three of the five models for order: the J7 Liftback, the S3 compact crossover and the pickup. t6. The iEV7S electric car and the large S7 crossover are not on the list.

Bee J7, two basic configurations are missing from the price list. The remaining versions are estimated at 2,000,000 and 2,150,000 rubles, respectively. Previously, for similar options, they asked 1,269,000-1,349,000 rubles.

in SA3 eliminated the initial change. The two remaining configurations have increased in price from 1,019,000-1,139,000 rubles to 1,420,000-1,540,000 rubles.

t6 has lost two versions, and the existing one costs 2.40,000-2.51 million rubles. Such configurations were previously offered for 1,659,000 and 1,769,000 rubles, respectively.

iEV7s and s7 are only formally available. You will not find them on the free market. Most likely, Russian dealers of JAC can disclose the cost of these models only at the request of the customer. In February iEV7s could be bought for 2,799,000 rubles. Prices for S7 ranged from 1,559,000 to 1,899,000 rubles.

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