The Ministry of the Interior cannot find cars for the traffic police

Previously, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Solaris, UAZ Patriot and Lada cars were purchased for the traffic police. But now, with the shortage of semiconductors, supply disruptions, the withdrawal of some automakers from Russia and factory shutdowns, getting cars (even Lada Grants) is nearly impossible.

It does not help that 4.48 billion rubles are set aside for the purchase of 2.8 thousand cars from the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 1.6 million rubles per car. But it is worth considering the cost of additional equipment necessary to properly equip patrol cars.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is “working to provide equipment to the Ministry of the Interior, taking into account existing sanction risks, logistical problems, shortage of semiconductors and some components,” Kommersant said. It is possible that cars will be bought from Chinese automakers, experts suggest.

“Currently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Trade are working on issues with leading manufacturers of patrol cars about the possibility of manufacturing and supplying these products, taking into account the economic situation in the Russian market related to the sanctions pressure of ‘unfriendly’ countries’, explains the Ministry of the Interior.

Source: Z R


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