KAMAZ returns to Euro-2

From April, KAMAZ will be selling tractors and trucks with Euro-2 engines. These are 8 cylinder diesel engines with a power of 240 to 360 hp.

This decision was made due to a lack of components. In particular fuel equipment Bosch It will be possible to replace it in May – with the equipment of the Altai Precision Products Plant.

Trucks of the Euro-2 class were previously produced by KAMAZ and were called “dual-purpose cars”. They were also supplied to countries in Africa and Latin America, where Euro-2 environmental standards are acceptable. In 2021, for example, up to 1.5 thousand of these trucks were produced and sold.

The company emphasizes that this is a temporary measure, writes Vedomosti. To ensure that buyers have no problems registering Euro-2 trucks with the traffic police, the government is suspending the obligation to meet Euro-5 standards. A decision on this will be made today or tomorrow.

Source: Z R


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