The expert mentioned a simple trick that will extend the life of any engine

Experts from Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, have repeatedly advised that car engines be slightly warmed up before driving to extend their service life – this is how the temperature of parts inside the engine is equalized and increased friction is not created .

But this is far from the only rule that extends the life of the engine. Experts “Behind the wheel” Alexei Revin and Mikhail Kolodochkin revealed another secret about how to prevent the engine from killing itself in advance.

After a ride, you don’t have to turn off the engine right away, just let it run for another minute. Not even equipped with a turbine. Car manufacturers do not write this in their owner’s manuals, referring to the fact that their engines are modern and do not require outdated methods. And none of the automakers want drivers to “swell” by being forced to linger near the car after a drive.

What is the secret of this technique?

With a muffled engine immediately after a ride, the following happens: the oil in the hot grooves of the pistons literally starts to burn, and soot quickly forms in these places. The result is coking of the piston rings.

In the case of turbocharged engines, there is also the problem of a hot turbine rotor, which continues to rotate without supplying oil to its bearing. The result is premature failure of the turbine.

If you let the engine idle for a minute after the ride, after taking allowances or searching the phone, the oil will cool the pistons to a temperature where it will no longer burn. Cool to an acceptable temperature and the turbine. And this will significantly delay the time when the engine needs to be repaired.

For seven more tips to extend the trouble-free life of engines and gearboxes, read Alexei Revin and Mikhail Kolodochkin’s article “Engine and gearbox last longer! 8 simple tips.

A picture: Damir Kopezhanov Unsplash

Source: Z R


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