McAuto opens again

McDonald’s will reopen in Russia from mid-June, but under a new brand and not all of them (some restaurant buildings were demolished – for example, in the center of Lyubertsy). Jobs remain, suppliers remain the same and food can be bought from the car as before.

“McDonald’s will return to Russia in June under a new brand. The chain of restaurants and menus will be preserved, as will jobs. More than 90% of the suppliers are Russian, cooperation with them will continue. In fact, only the name will disappear. As part of McDonald’s decision to withdraw from the Russian market, the company plans to sell all of its restaurants in Russia to a local buyer,” TASS wrote after speaking with a McDonald’s representative.

Not only will the name of the restaurants change, but so will the menu – the company will ban the use of brand names on dishes, although they may not change at all.

“The company plans to initiate a process to strip all of these restaurants from using the brand, which will entail the termination of use of the McDonald’s name, logo, trademark and menu. The company will retain its trademarks in Russia,” McDonald’s said in a press release.

At the moment, the process to sell the company is underway – who may acquire it has not yet been announced. Recall that the company’s restaurants have been closed since March 14.

Source: Z R


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