Spare parts have increased in price by 30% in the last 2 months

Difficulties with deliveries to the Russian Federation led to a significant shortage of bumpers, glass and headlights, which sometimes caused prices to rise six times from the recommended levels.

There are also problems with the supply of electronics for cars. Allowing parallel imports of spare parts has not improved the situation so far.

Body repair parts, whose replacement has been the most popular in recent months, rose an average of 31% in price in April from February, Kommersant writes, citing data from Tinkoff Insurance.

Bumpers (front and rear) rose the most – by 34% and 32%, respectively. Headlights, fenders – by 31%, front doors – by 30%, hoods, rear doors and radiator grilles – by 29% were added in price by 32%. Least of all, glass went up in price – by 26%.

In addition, the price increase for brands is uneven, for example for the Ford brand it was 83%, for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru more than 40%, less than other added spare parts for Hyundai – 15%, Toyota – 20%, Lexus – 21 %, Kia – 24% and Nissan 25%. Once a demanded position is short, the market reacts with a multiple raise – up to 6 times.

Market experts warn that stocks of components in warehouses are melting, they will be enough for two to four months of work. Non-original body parts are available for used cars, spare parts problems are mainly for new and unique cars. There are also problems with electronic components.

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