System failure: Novice drivers get worse on exams

Drivers license exam results went down – only 12% of citizens pass the practical exam for the first time, which is twice lower than in 2020, Kommersant writes, citing data from the traffic police. Recall that from April 1, 2021, a “single practical exam” has been introduced for novice motorists: there are no longer separate “sites” and “cities”, and training routes are no longer published – and accordingly they cannot be learned in progress.

In addition, the theory test is also worse (the proportion of those who pass it the first time has fallen from 40% to 35%), although the rules have not changed. Experts turned on by the source talk about the misuse of online courses that has turned into a pandemic — and made mastering traffic rules something akin to self-study, which was banned in 2013. So the established system failed.

The traffic police say that driving schools have not been able to adapt to one practical exam and have been able to adapt the training well. Driving schools, on the other hand, believe the new regulation itself is a problem, according to the source – it contains many inaccuracies and double-interpretation standards, causing the exam candidates to make mistakes that could not have happened.

The National Union of Driving Schools sent a letter to the chief of traffic police, Mikhail Chernikov, with a number of arguments to change the rules for conducting exams. It also tells you exactly how you can change it. In particular, union representatives are calling for the return of a citizen’s right to test drive the site, which helped adapt to the exam car. The authors of the letter hope that it will be possible to remove all collected questions when the new exam regulations are drawn up.

  • Incidentally, the problem arose immediately after the introduction of the new regulation – already in 2021 only 13% passed the practical exam the first time…
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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