Putin suggests using only Russian cars for taxis and car sharing 01:28

The government will consider developing requirements for the use of Russian-made cars in taxis and car sharing. Open Web site The Kremlin says the order was given by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Consider the development and implementation of requirements for the localization of the production of cars used in the provision of passenger taxis and car-sharing services, as well as services for passenger transport, taking into account the possible volumes of their production by the Russian automotive industry,” the official document states.

The President is waiting for a report on this instruction by 1 August.

It was previously reported that taxi and car sharing vehicles started to crash more frequently. In January-March this year, the number of traffic accidents involving taxi and car sharing increased by 15% compared to the first quarter of 2022. This was reported in a study by VSK Insurance House. Newspaper.Ru.

Taxi and car sharing in Moscow before issuance subsidies for 300 million rubles. The ministry stressed that regular subsidies to such firms make it possible to maintain Europe’s youngest taxi fleet in Moscow.

Source: Gazeta


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