New reality! Unexpected results of the car dealership robbery (repeated)

The ruble exchange rate regained lost positions and even strengthened against the indicators of three months ago. All this in line with an optimistic mood: it means that car prices must also fall.

However, the expectations were not destined to come true – with the suspension of new car imports, sellers are in no rush to lower prices. You sell the balances today and tomorrow there’s just nothing to trade…

Another observation is the apathy of buyers. Car dealerships are almost empty. It is clear that those who had money have already bought cars and there are no new customers on the horizon.


Just like last time, the entire line will be presented on the exhibition floor. And now every car has a price tag. But as soon as I was inspired, I saw the price tag out of the corner of my eye SUV Land Cruiser 300: 18 million! And there was the same one around, but for 20 million. I was already speechless.

I ask in a trembling voice about the RAV4. These are available. The average Comfort package with four-wheel drive and a 2.0 engine was offered to me for the same 5.3 million rubles as a month ago. Expensive! In addition, unlike last time, satellite signaling was no longer promised as a gift. The manager suggested a poorer version and with front-wheel drive – for 4.9 million. At the same time, he made it clear that the cars in the warehouse were left with a trunk nose, because the St. Petersburg factory was shutting down and it’s not clear when it will start working again…

The price of a Land Cruiser 300 for an unprepared visitor can be stunned: Maybach could be bought for 18 million until recently.

The price of a Land Cruiser 300 for an unprepared visitor can be stunned: Maybach could be bought for 18 million until recently.


There are no fewer cars in the hall and price tags are no longer hidden. I am interested in Qashqai. The minimum price for this is now 2.8 million, but they are not in stock.

Front-wheel drive, a 2-liter engine and a fairly sufficient SE package are offered for 3 “lemons”, and the rich SE Top – for 3.15 million. That is, the prices have become two hundred thousand lower compared to the last time. But for the four-wheel drive version, the price is still the same: 3.7 million!

And another thing: last time they gave me an immediate discount of 200,000 for a trade-in, but now they hesitate: hand over your car for appraisal first, and then we’ll see.


Managers have shown an enviable stability: no one said hello. But the price tags were on the cars. The hall presents the full model range and even more – in the corner was the CX-30 that left our market. Admittedly, it’s sold.

I am interested in the CX-5. There were no simple versions available. The pre-top modification with four-wheel drive and a 2-liter engine was offered for 4.9 million, the top one for 5.1 million rubles. That is two hundred thousand more expensive than at the beginning of spring. Sellers don’t offer discounts – last time they were more flexible.


This time the salespeople are unfriendly – and I was the only visitor in the salon after all. Maybe despair? With such a price they will have to sit still for a long time: the minimum price for the Forester is still the same prohibitive 5.6 million and the maximum even increased: from 6.3 to 6.6 million – a totally unbearable amount!

Sure enough, in that same room, across a small hallway, is an Exeed TXL crossover for 4.3 million, which had a trade-in offer attached, at a discount of 250 thousand. It seems that subarists are gradually being prepared for the transition to Chinese cars…


Demonstration samples even increased, but especially Vitara of all colors and trim levels are presented. The price tag has come down: before there was a fork of 3-3.8 million, now it’s 2.5-3 million. Already something! But on Jimny, the price has not changed – they offer the same 4.4 million rubles.

The outgoing SX4 remained in the last instance (2.65 million) – the new generation will probably not be brought this year … But there were plans for May …


They welcome me here: they came to me, said hello, offered tea and coffee. During an unobtrusive conversation, the manager discovered my priorities and offered version 2.0 with front-wheel drive for 3.3 million and with a full one for 3.5 million (he promised to throw away 100 thousand with detailed interest). A packed car costs 3.8 million, against the background of Toyota and Subaru – just for nothing! But before the crisis, the price difference between them was two hundred thousand, but not two million.


Progress: Managers have learned to say hello. Cars are available and prices have fallen slightly over the past period. So, if before the rich Jolion 4×2 was offered for 3.2 million, now – for 3.08 million. With four-wheel drive – 100 thousand rubles more expensive.

When buying insurance and trading in your car, they give a discount of 300 thousand. Compared to a month ago – a double advantage.


It seems that the sharp price increases that took place in February have reduced the buying interest: the same cars are displayed in the hall as last time, nobody bought them. Kaptur 1.6 CVT for 2.36 million, the same Arkana for 2.45 million Customers cannot accept the new reality!

I’m still interested in Duster. With front-wheel drive and mechanics, it can be taken for 1.96 million. In the top version with a 2.0 engine, the price increased by 100 thousand rubles – to 2.5 million, with a diesel engine – to 2.35 million. Adjustments with a 1.3 turbo engine are still the same not available. And apparently that won’t happen.


The shopping boom is over and now there are not many customers. But they do not deprive me of my attention: I was placed under guardianship at the entrance and consulted in detail.

The front-wheel drive Seltos 1.6 AT in the middle configuration was offered for 2.8 million. With four-wheel drive, they promised to meet 2.95 million. This is already half a million cheaper than at the beginning of spring.

Same alignment for Sporteydzhu. With the front you get it for the same 2.8 million. It is profitable, because this is a higher class car – with a spacious interior and a 2.0 engine, but the equipment will be simpler (without touchscreen ). Still, nowadays it is a very good choice. Especially if you use the trade-in program, under which they promise a discount of up to 300 thousand.


There is a slight movement towards buyers. The pre-styling Kodiaq 2.0 TDI has become more affordable: 5.17 million instead of 5.5. But the updated version with the same power unit has not fallen so markedly in price: 5.86 compared to the previous 5.89 million. The trade-in discount is 500 thousand.

You can save by taking the petrol version for 4.5 million, but it remains a hefty price. Cars are available, but few.

New reality!  Unexpected results of the car dealership robbery (repeated)Prices for Skoda have fallen slightly, but the total amount remains unaffordable.

Prices for Skoda have fallen slightly, but the total amount remains unaffordable.


Negotiations like last time (when I ‘reduced’ the price of the Tiguan by almost a million) failed. After rejecting the Tiguan 1.4 Urban Sport exhibition for 4.9 million, they grabbed an alternative for 4.5 million. And the trade-in discount was not so attractive: 400 thousand. The manager shrugged: there were almost no cars left in the warehouse and he couldn’t give a good discount.


Despite the monstrous price increase announced by UAZ in early May, the dealers raised prices purely symbolically. A patriot with a rifle is sold for 3.2 million, a pickup – for 3.05 million rubles. It seems that car dealers have simply increased in margin: it is unlikely to find anyone willing to pay 3.5 million for a UAZ.

New reality!  Unexpected results of the car dealership robbery (repeated)Who was there waiting for the “Russian Prado”? Judging by the price, UAZ has already made it!

Who was there waiting for the “Russian Prado”? Judging by the price, UAZ has already made it!


Niva Travel was not available and still is not. The three-door Niva Legend has dropped slightly in price, but is still almost twice as expensive as the suggested retail price – 1.53 million. Grant Cross is offered for 1.4 million, Vesta SW Cross – for 1.65 million, which is also slightly lower than the price of early spring. Well, the most notable price cut hit the seven-seater Largus Cross: now it costs 1.93 million against those that don’t fit 2.4 million in my head

What is the best way to buy?

The excitement seen in late February and early March subsided. There are fewer customers, prices have fallen. Despite the strengthening of the ruble, there is no rollback to previous prices. If anyone has a price cut, then only locally. Fundamentally, the situation has not changed. And this is unlikely to change — at least until automakers start supplying again.

And will rune attention to subordinateku – Now there are many cars on the market with a minimum mileage and an age of at least half a year. They were put up for sale by those who managed to get cars for the same price on the eve of the price hike. Such options offer 300-500 thousand cheaper than new cars. Take a closer look – this is a good opportunity to save money.

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