New Ford Explorer crossovers go on sale in Russia 15:52 noted that Russian car dealerships have begun to offer new Ford Explorer crossovers. Advertisements for the sale of such machines took place in the advertisements.

So, a seller from Vladivostok offers a car with a 2.3 engine with a power of 300 hp, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive in the basic configuration for 5.2 million rubles.

A seller from Blagoveshchensk estimated the Explorer with a 2.3 engine and 10-speed automatic for the basic rear-wheel drive version at 5.8 million rubles. The same XLT car with all-wheel drive, heated steering wheel and seats, as well as ventilation of the front seats costs 6.5 million rubles.

A more richly equipped version of the Explorer in a sporty version of the ST Line costs 6.9 million rubles. In this configuration, among other things, there are shifters on the steering wheel, the driver’s seat with 12-way adjustment and a massage function on the seats.

In Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, a dealer offers the Explorer in Style Plus modification with a seven-seater interior, all-wheel drive and a 276 hp gasoline turbo engine. for 6.7 million rubles.

Formerly to solveThat dealers in Russia are selling Nissan Z sports cars.

Source: Gazeta


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