Selected the most popular equipment ordered for Chinese cars 16:34

Ilya Petrov, director of the Avilon Changan brand, told that among Russians the most common options for additional equipment for Chinese cars are protective nets in the bumper, protection of the oil pan and transmission.

According to him, rubber and fluffy floor mats for the passenger compartment and luggage compartment, alarms (including satellite ones with auto-start) and window film are also very popular.

“Among expensive options, we offer retractable sills, covering cars with protective or colored films, as well as customizing (modifying) the interior according to customers’ wishes,” the source said.

When buying a car from China, Russians often buy fenders, window deflectors and rear-view camera washers from dealers, and also order anti-corrosion and anti-gravel coatings for the sole and arches, he said. AvtoSpetsTsentr Khimki (Chery and Exeed brands). He noted that the most expensive options from the dealer were “anti-chrome” body elements, gluing with polyurethane film and mounting Khann tuning kits.

old dealers reported said that in 2023, white, gray and black body colors are the most popular among buyers of new Chinese cars in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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