In Birobidzhan, rescuers pulled out a snake hidden under the hood of a car 17:26

In the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region, rescuers pulled the 1.5-metre-long Amur snake from under the hood of a car. reported On the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

“In Birobidzhan, eyewitnesses noticed an unexpected guest getting into the car. Rescuers removed the snake and released it into its natural habitat. The reptile turned out to be the Amur snake, the Ministry of Emergencies said in a statement.

Video footage from the scene shows the reptile settling in the engine compartment of a car. One of the rescuers pulled him out of the open hood, the other helped him from the side of the front wheel of the car. The caught snake was placed in a bag.

The Amur snake (or Schrenk’s snake) already belongs to the shaped family. The snake is not venomous, but can injure a person when bitten. In nature, the Amur snake feeds on mice, frogs, birds and bird eggs. When the snake is frightened, it emits a sharp, unpleasant odor.

Earlier it was learned that in Yekaterinburg there were young people. damaged leaving a bag of water on the parked car.

Source: Gazeta


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