In Vologda, the driver of the Ford Mondeo tried to hide from the traffic police under a trailer 19:55

Traffic police inspectors in Vologda detained the driver of the Ford Mondeo, who, after the chase, tried to hide from them in the gardens, and then ran into hiding behind the wheel. In this respect informs “Vologda.rf”.

According to the publication, the driver caught the attention of investigators with his erratic movement along the road. After demanding that he stop, the man suddenly turned into the parking lot and ran into the courtyard. One of the investigators went looking and found a man born in 1996 hiding under a trailer parked in the garden.

The driver was brought to the patrol car and offered to undergo a drunkenness examination, which the young man refused. A protocol was drawn up against him in accordance with part 1 of Art. 12.26 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. For refusing a medical examination, the violator faces deprivation of rights for 1-1.5 years and a fine of 30 thousand rubles.

Earlier in Sochi, a driver knocked over a girl at a crosswalk and escaped from the stage

Source: Gazeta


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